Latin Influence.

1. Espadrilles: Castañer via Nordstrom.
2. Panama hat: J. Crew.
3. Turquoise Clutch: Nordstrom.
4. Etheral Señorita Dress: Free People.

In an ode to my roots, here's some Latin/Spanish-influence for today. 

I ran across these Castañer espadrilles in Nordstrom's online 'Pop-In' shop. The Castañer brand is so hard to come by in the U.S. so I scooped these up right away. The brand became famous in the Spanish Civil War when the government supplied soldiers with them and it has become a staple wardrobes ever since. 

This Panama hat also has roots in Latin culture. While it's name would suggest otherwise, the hat actually originated (and is still made) in Ecuador. It's called the 'Panama hat' because it became famous when President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on his visit to the Panama CanalI still remember as a kid when my dad would come back from Ecuador (where he's from) with these hats and I thought they were so silly. Now of course I want one. You can get one too without having to travel to Ecuador. Just stop by your local J. Crew store. :)


Va Va Vintage.

Dress: Victoria's Secret (on sale!).
Heels: Steve Madden (similar here).
Sunglasses: Vintage circa 1970's (similar here).

We spent the weekend in gorgeous Scottsdale. I've only been in and out of here for work so it was a whole new experience vacationing here. We had a great time! Scottsdale is such a fun city with so much to do and the shopping is fantastic! We also checked out local vintage shops on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix and I picked up these huge sunglasses from the 1970's. I love that they're so huge and costume-y. Who doesn't need a little fun in their outfit? I've been waiting to wear this dress from Victoria's Secret. It's a corset style so it hugs you in all the right places while still being appropriate for day--especially these 100+ degree temperatures!


Feeling Tropical.

Top: Zara (similar here).
Skort: Urban Outfitters
Heels: Forever 21.
Handbag: Coach (similar here).
Sunglasses: Carerra.
Earrings: Nordstrom.

Lately I've been into bright colors, maybe it's this heatwave we've been experiencing or maybe it's the honeymoon island getaway we're in the midst of planning. A neutral palette works great with a bright top like this. I've been obsessing over this asymmetrical skort style since I saw it at Zara last spring. It seems everyone bought one except me and I still regret it. Although if I remember right, the fit was just a bit off. Anyway, when I saw this one on UrbanOutfitters.com recently I had to buy it! I must confess I haven't worn a skort since elementary school, but hey, I could never comfortably wear a skirt this short!


Summer Love.

Tank: H&M.
Shorts: American Eagle.
Espadrilles: Similar here and here.
Handbag: Target (similar here).
Headwrap: Forever 21.
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban.

I love LA and the sunny weather (it's a big part of why I moved here) but it's May and we've already had several weeks of temperatures in the 90s...the high 90s. It's been a little insane. Especially when you live in a building facing the sunset. Oh my gosh it gets hot in here in the afternoon even with the AC running and blackout curtains! To face the heat, I dug out some of my favorite summer items: espadrilles, a bright bag and cut-off shorts. While originally I didn't love the whole headwrap look, it really does make a difference on bad hair day. And hey, the throwback style is kind of cute too. What are your favorite summer items?